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User Manuals for the Telair Range of Generators, Current and Old Models
Manuals: Telair Generators

TIG 3000D

TIG 3000B

TIG 3000G


Energy 2510B Petrol

Energy 2510G Gas

Energy 2510D Diesel

Energy 4010B Petrol

Energy 4010G Gas

Energy 4010D Diesel

Obsolete Models

Energy 2500B Petrol

Energy 2500G Gas

Energy 2504 Diesel

Energy 4000B Petrol

Energy 4000G Gas

Energy 4004 Diesel

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  • Teleco SKY Q Automatic Satellite Searching Systems Now Available

    New to the Teleco Range of Automatic Searching Satellite Systems are the 4 models available that incorporate a wide band LNB required to watch television through a SKY Q receiver.  To read more on this…

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  • New SlideOut Portable Kitchen

    New from CAN SRL is a slideout Kitchen Solution.  Incorporating either a Combination Unit or Hob, the slideout uses quick couplings, so it can be completely removed from the van to become a barbecue…

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  • Reading Lamp with USB Socket

    The 12v MiniTube D1 and D2 Reading Lights are now available with a USB charging port in the base of the lamp.  The USB charger points have a power output of 1000 mA @ 5v. 


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  • Comet Arona Tap

    Comet-Pumpen have designed the New Arona tap based on the London Series.  Not only does it fold under the lid of the sink unit but will also rotate making the best use of limited space.…

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  • CAN Combination Units

    New from CAN is the updated FL14XX Series 2 burner combination Units. Designed to fit in the most compact of Van Conversions, Motorhomes and Caravan Kitchens.  The FL14XX Units come with piezo ignition,…

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