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Hi-Tech accessories for improved television signal reception. Satellite signal finders and HD satellite and terrestrial receivers
Teleco Accessories
DSF 80 Satellite Finder
       Compatible with all Manual Satellite Systems!!

Easy to use satellite finder with 8 Pre Set Satellites to choose from.  Simply select the relevant satellite, turn the dish Southwards at the correct elevation and wait for the continuous "BEEP" sound, if the SAT OK diode lights up then you are aiming at the correct satellite, if not then SAT NOT OK will light up so simply continue looking. Position can then be optimised through slow adjustment until all Level Indicator LED's are on.


Force HD Ci+ Receiver

 For Free to Air Programs

  • Extra fast installation, can directly be connected to the SCART jack or HDMI of your TV set
  • Operates on either 12 Vdc
  • 4000 Channels
  • 8 Favourite Lists
  • Mini Remote Control Expander (MIR)
  • Electronic Program Guide
  • Teletext
  • Automatic/Manual channel Search
  • Multilingual menu
  • Timer, Games, Zoom
  • Remote Control
  • Can record or play films and digital programs using a USB 2.0 flash drive (not supplied)



SPCA- Lead Through box for aluminium roof



SPC - Cable inlet Seal

"F" Connectors to be screwed on to the cable


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Reading Lamp with USB Socket Reading Lamp with USB Socket

The 12v MiniTube D1 and D2 Reading Lights are now available with a USB charging port in the base of the lamp.  The USB charger points have a power output of 1000 mA @ 5v. 


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Comet Arona Tap Comet Arona Tap

Comet-Pumpen have designed the New Arona tap based on the London Series.  Not only does it fold under the lid of the sink unit but will also rotate making the best use of limited space.…

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