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“12v Electric and Manual Awnings available in both Roof and Wall Mount Options for Motorhomes, Caravans, and Specialist Vehicles.”

Freedom Awnings


The Carefree Freedom Awning, for Motorhomes, Caravans and Special vehicles, is available in both Wall or Roof Mount Versions. It can be operated by simply holding a button (12 volt models) or by easily winding the crank. Due to the arms being stored within the lead bar they are never far from reach. There is a choice of 3 magnificent hardware colours and 2 stunning vinyl options.   If you already have a Freedom Manual awning and would like the Electric Version then don't despair! Upgrading to an Electric Version is easy. All you would need is the 12v Upgrade Kit, which will fit into your existing Carefree awning hardware.

Advantages of the Carefree Freedom Range

                              Motorhome with Carefree Freedom Awning installed and extended


  • Sleek Look, Light Weight
  • Same Small box design no matter the awning length
  • Mounts using awning rail or mounting brackets
  • Support arms adjust easily with flip lock controls
  • Patented floating roller technology that keeps roll tube straight and canopy tight   
  • Features sturdy Aluminium Case and end caps- No Plastic!
  • Full or partial extension- if you dont have the space to fully extend, you can stop at any point and set up the Freedom Awning
  • Manual override on 12v model in case of power loss
  • Easy upgrade from manual to 12v mode of operation 


Floating Roller Technology


Carefree Freedom Awning- Demonstration of Floating Roller Technology, Canopy out Carefree Freedom Awning- Demonstration of Floating Roller Technology, Canopy out

How it Works: As the fabric moves in and out, the roller tube moves up and down.  This allows the tray to maintain constant support for the fabric and the roller tube.



The Carefree Wall and Roof Mount Awnings are measured from case end to case end and are avaialbe from 2.57 metres in length all the way up to 5! 

For further information on the Size and Weight specifcations please see the Carefree Freedom Specification sheet. 

Hardware Colour

The Roof and Wall Mounted Cassettes are available in 3 separate colours

                  Carefree Freedom Awning- Black Cassette Colour Choice      Carefree Freedom Awning- White Cassette Colour Choice      Carefree Freedom Awning- Satin Cassette Colour Choice   
    Black       White       Satin  

Fabric Colours

The vinyl colours below are available throughout the freedom product range.

     Carefree Freedom Awning- Canopy Colour Blue Slate Fade option        Carefree Freedom Awning- Canopy Colour Silver Fade    
    Blue Slate Fade        Silver Fade    



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